custom metal dome array factory
  • custom metal dome array factory
  • custom metal dome array factory
  • custom metal dome array factory

custom metal dome array factory

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Product Namemetal dome arrays,polyester dome carriers backed with pressure sensitive adhesiveMaterialStainless Steel+PET 3MadhesiveSizeDifferent sizes, shapes, and forces of metal domes can be placed on the same array.Contact life5 million cycles typicalSwitching Voltage0.1 to 50 VDCSwitching

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A metal dome array, also known as a tactile dome array or metal snap dome array, is a component used in various electronic devices, particularly in membrane switches and keypads. It consists of multiple small metal domes arranged in a specific pattern on a flexible substrate.

The metal domes are typically made from stainless steel or other similar materials that can withstand repeated compression without deformation. These domes are formed into a convex shape and have a conductive pad at their center. When pressure is applied to the dome, it collapses and makes contact with the underlying circuitry, creating an electrical connection.

The metal dome array offers several advantages in electronic applications. Firstly, it provides tactile feedback to users when they press a button, giving them a satisfying click or snap sensation. This feedback helps improve user experience and enhances the overall quality perception of the device.

Secondly, metal dome arrays are durable and reliable. They can withstand millions of actuations without losing their springiness or electrical properties, ensuring long-lasting performance. This durability makes them suitable for applications that require frequent and repetitive use, such as keyboards, remote controls, industrial control panels, and medical equipment.

Furthermore, metal dome arrays offer excellent environmental resistance and stability. They are resistant to moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations, allowing them to perform reliably in various operating conditions.

The design and layout of metal dome arrays can vary depending on the specific application requirements. The size, shape, and placement of the domes can be customized to achieve the desired tactile response and actuation force.

In summary, a metal dome array is a component used in electronic devices to provide tactile feedback and create electrical connections. With their durability, reliability, and customizable designs, metal dome arrays are widely used in membrane switches and keypads, contributing to improved user interaction and device performance.

Why Choose Ruxian Metal Dome Array

Reasons for choosing Ruxian metal dome array products:

Premium Materials

Roodisplay uses premium materials in its metal dome arrays to ensure they are durable.


Ruxian Technology can customize metal dome arrays to meet the specific needs of its customers. Custom metal dome arrays include unique shapes, sizes and metallurgy for specific applications.

Competitive pricing

Competitive metal dome array pricing is available, making it a cost-effective option for customers looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Quality Control

Roodisplay has a strict quality control process to ensure that its metal dome arrays meet strict quality standards.

Responsive Customer Service

Roodisplay provides responsive communications, fast turnaround times, and additional services such as technical support and product warranties to ensure customers get the support they need.

Metal Domes Array FAQ

Q1: Are you Metal Domes Array trading company or Metal Domes Array processing factory ?

A: We are a professional factory and trade Metal Domes Array processing and manufacturing company.

Q2 : Can you provide OEM Metal Domes Array service ?

A: Of course, we have rich experience in OEM Metal Domes Array service.

Q3: The production cycle of Metal Domes Array samples ?

A : Normally Metal Domes Array sample cycle 10-20 working days.

Q4: How soon can I receive your Metal Domes Array quotation?

A: We will send Metal Domes Array quotation to customers within 60 minutes to 24 hours.

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