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  • Metal Dome Switch PCB Suppliers
  • Metal Dome Switch PCB Suppliers
  • Metal Dome Switch PCB Suppliers
  • Metal Dome Switch PCB Suppliers

Metal Dome Switch PCB Suppliers

Shelf time:
Telecommunication Equipment
Products DescriptionApplication:Telecommunication EquipmentKeypad Button Material:PET PVC PCMembrane switch Material:PET PVC PCColor:Pantone or sample's colorAdhesive:3M467/468MPKey option:Embossing or FlatKey lifetime:over 1Million timesSalt sprary Chamber Testing Conditions:-40 ~ +70 degreesRe

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Metal Dome Switch PCB Products Description

Telecommunication Equipment
Keypad Button Material:
Membrane switch Material:
Pantone or sample's color
Key option:
Embossing or Flat
Key lifetime:
over 1Million times
Salt sprary Chamber Testing Conditions:
-40 ~ +70 degrees
Reliable Routine Test:
55+/-2 degrees , R.H. 95% , 48H
Silk Screen Printing
ROHS compliance
OEM service:

dome switch PCB FAQ

Q1: What is dome switch PCB?

A1: A Dome switch PCB is a metal bubble switch based circuit board that uses a special electrical switch design to activate and control circuits. Typically, the mechanical switching element of such boards is a small, resilient raised dome called a "bubble switch" or "membrane switch."

Q2: What are the features of dome switch PCB?

A2: Dome switch PCB has the following characteristics:

High reliability: The mechanical structure of the bubble switch ensures high reliability electrical contact.

Light Touch Feel: The bubble switch's resilient dome gives it a light touch feel when operating.

Small size: The small design of the bubble switch is very suitable for specific application scenarios.

Strong wear resistance: The air bubble switch made of metal or alloy material can withstand large mechanical stress and wear for a long time.

Q3: What is the application field of dome switch PCB?

A3: Dome switch PCB has been widely used in the following fields:

Handheld Devices: Due to their small size and lightweight design, dome switch PCBs are commonly used switching circuit boards in handheld devices such as cell phones, video game consoles, and handheld computing devices. 

Automotive electronics: The structure of automotive electronic products is compact, and the dome switch PCB is widely used in automotive electronic products, such as operation buttons, panel switches, etc.

Medical electronics: Due to its high reliability and good hand feel, dome switch PCB is used as a control panel for medical electronic products such as handheld medical equipment, surgical instruments and equipment control.

Q4: How to choose a reliable PCB manufacturer for dome switch PCB?

A4: Choosing a reliable PCB manufacturer is the key to ensure the quality of dome switch PCB. Here are some factors to choose a reliable PCB manufacturer:

Manufacturer's credibility and history: Knowing the manufacturer's history, experience, and production capabilities can provide enough information to know whether it is capable of manufacturing high-quality dome switch PCBs.

Cost control: When producing dome switch PCB, it is necessary to carefully handle every item of production and material cost, and seek a balance between cost and quality.

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